Script to Assign MailboxFolderPermission in Bulk

 In Exchange 2003 and Exchange 2007, We had to use pfdavadmin to assign permissions centrally on user’s calendar or any other folder. For few users we used to open up mailbox and assign calendar permissions.

 In Exchange 2010 we have a new feature call Mailbox folder permission. This enables you to "manage folder-level permissions for all folders within a user's mailbox centrally.

 In Exchange 2010 We can also use Exfolders (Replacement of Pfdavadmin) to assign mailbox folder permission centrally but we cannot set filters in Exfolders to get only list of users basis on our requirement.

 Here are few examples.

 Example 1-

The following command will give everybody read rights to the calendar in the "ConferenceRoom" calendar.

 Add-MailboxFolderPermission\calendar -User Default -AccessRights reviewer

 Example 2-
Want to assign Editor permission to a user on all user’s Calendar folder which are under one particular OU

 Run following shell commands to achieve the same.

  1-      Get-User -OrganizationalUnit "OU=OU NAME,DC=XYZ,DC=COM"  | select-Object Samaccountname  | Export-Csv C:\Users.csv

 Select Samaccountname because we don’t get the alias when we run Get-user command and Display name will not work while assigning permissions.

 2-      Open up users.csv file and remove the first line which would be “#TYPE Selected.Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.Management.User” and save file

 3-      Now run the command

Import-csv C:\users.csv | foreach-object {Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity $_Samaccountname":\Calendar" -User "username" -AccessRights "Editor"} 

Similarly we can get the list of users based on custom filters and assign the mailbox folder permissions as per our need.

For more information on Get-User filters, Please follow

Example 3- 

Want to assign Reviewer permission to multiple users on a particular user’s Inbox folder. Those all users are in different OU.

1-       Set custom attribute on all those users. For example we set CustomAttribute5 “VIP” 
2-      Get-user -Filter {(CustomAttribute5 -eq "VIP")} | select-Object Samaccountname  | Export-Csv C:\Users.csv
3-           Open up users.csv file and remove the first line which would be “#TYPE Selected.Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Directory.Management.User” and save file
4-     Import-csv C:\users.csv | foreach-object {Add-MailboxFolderPermission -identity\Inbox -User $_.Samaccountname -AccessRights "Reviewer"}

The possible AccessRights can be seen here:

Similarly we can use following shell commands to view, modify or remove the mailbox folder permissions

Add-MailboxFolderPermission –

Get-MailboxFolderPermission –

Set-MailboxFolderPermission –

Remove-MailboxFolderPermission –

Please let us know if you have any queries or comments.

Team MSS

3 Responses to “Script to Assign MailboxFolderPermission in Bulk”

  • Trevor says:

    when i do the steps in your example 2 then Igot this error

    An existing permission entry was found for user: Peter .

    + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [Add-MailboxFolderPermission], UserAlreadyExis…nEntryException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : AC4E6849,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.StoreTasks.AddMailboxFolderPermission

    whats going wrong ???

  • Steen says:

    Hi. When I try your example 2 (with the set-mailboxfolderpermission) I only get a Warning, the command completed succesfully, but no permission….. on my OWN mailbox (the user I am logged in as. It doesnt seem as it takes all the users in the CSV – any ideas?


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